Pool Update: Emma Hood will re-open next week!! Encinal to follow later in November.

We just received word from Lena Tam and Mike McMahon confirming that the Emma Hood swim center will re-open by next Wednesday or Thursday (November 3 or 4.) The Encinal pool will re-open around Thanksgiving. AUSD will send out a press statement tomorrow. This great news follows a meeting this afternoon between Alameda County Environmental Health and AUSD that was facilitated by Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker's staff.

The effort to re-open the pools has been extraordinary. While the water sports community has been showing up strong in public, many have been working behind the scenes to help us get the pools back open. Local candidates for mayor and city council have also been showing up to our meetings and doing what they can, and I think we should recognize them.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Lena Tam, Marie Gilmore, and Rob Bonta for working together to get Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker involved. I think it's important to understand that they listened, understood the problem, thought of a solution, and acted quickly to make this happen while working together (and not wasting time duplicating their efforts.) I am personally impressed with their responsiveness, thoughtfulness, and follow-through.

We should also thank Doug deHaan, Frank Matarrese, and Jean Sweeney for coming out to meetings and expressing interest. I suspect Doug and/or Frank were helpful in bringing city management up to speed and involved with the issue. I would also like to express my thanks to the AUSD school board for taking the time to listen to us last night and eventually reach a solution (details of which are forthcoming.)

I think Emma Hood and Encinal pools still have a rough road ahead. Alameda definitely needs a modern swim facility. Funding such a venture right now is unlikely given this economic environment but perhaps now is the time to plant the seeds to make sure this happens. In the meantime, we hope that AUSD and The City will do a better job of involving the swimming community in the care of the pools. Nobody cares more than we do... and I'd be happy to vacuum and ph-balance the pools myself if you give me the keys to the shed.

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We do not yet know why it will take another week to re-open Emma Hood but at this point we are too happy with the news to care. I never thought I could miss the shoddy facility so much. It is scheduled to re-open on Thursday November 4th.

We do not yet know the exact timeline for Encinal as the County needs more info on that facility. This could take another week or two after Emma, but will hopefully be open around Thanksgiving.

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UPDATED. Document that was sent for approval to health dept is attached below.

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